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Compiling GAMIT/GLOBK 10.33 on Mac OS X with gfortran

Here’s what I did to compile GAMIT/GLOBK 10.33 on Mac OS X 10.5.2 (INTEL) with gfortran 4.4.0 20080510

Pre-requirements (INTEL or Power-PC platform)

For Mac OS X 10.5.x: install Apple XCode Dev Tools 3.x with X11 SDK.
For Mac OS X 10.4.x: install Apple XCode Dev Tools 2.4.1 or later with X11 SDK.


The compilation of GAMIT/GLOBK 10.3.x is pretty straightforward and easier with gfortran than g77!

1. Download and install the appropriate (INTEL or PowerPC) gfortran disk image for Mac OS X from:

2. Download ‘GAMIT 10.33’ from MIT ftp server (registration required)

3. Edit ‘libraries/Makefile.config’

3a. Change libraries/Makefile.config to:

# Specific for MacOSX
X11LIBPATH /usr/X11/lib
X11INCPATH /usr/X11/include/X11

3b. To avoid compilation error ‘get_otl_grid.f:357: error: unrecognizable insn:’, change the optimization level to -O2 of ‘libraries/Makefile.config‘.
The default optimization of -O3 seems to be too aggressive.

Edit ‘libraries/Makefile.config‘ and change the line in the “Mac OS X section” from:

FFLAGS = -O3 -Wuninitialized -fno-f2c -ffast-math -fno-automatic -fno-backslash
FFLAGS = -O2 -Wuninitialized -fno-f2c -ffast-math -fno-automatic -fno-backslash

4. Change ‘install_software‘ and ‘install_updates‘ to be executable:

#chmod ug+x install_*

5. Launch the installation in ‘sudo’ mode (as root)

#sudo ./install_software

Normally it should compile just fine….


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